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Wood Carvings & Sculptures

custom wood carving tools - tools of the trade
Tools of the trade. Each carving tool is designed for a specific purpose and to achieve a certain outcome in the wood. These wood chisels and gouges are the same configuration and design as was used carving wood hundreds of years ago.
dory custom wood carving coastal carvings
Mahogany carving is a replica of Chris Pye’s original carving the “Dory”. The original was done in England and put on display in this country. Phil had the opportunity to work with Chris at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine. The dimensions are 24 inches in width and eighteen inches in height with three different colored stains and a wax finish. It is a true representation of many of the inlets seen along the Maine coastline. This piece is available for purchase.
left and right facing custom wood carved sea horses
Finely detailed seahorses done in Spanish cedar and finished with a natural finish and satin top coat. The pair measure approximately thirty-three inches in length and thirteen inches in width.
custom sea turtle wood carving by Phil Costello in Wells, ME
The early carving stages of the Atlantic green sea turtle done in basswood approximately twenty one inches square.
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